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Who are We
At Virtual Office Admins (VOA), we are committed to helping your small business succeed. We assist at all phases of business from startup, daily operations and administrative duties to marketing strategies to help your business flourish and grow.

VOA is a US based company and our staff is located in various time zones which makes us available in all world time zones. The Company is owned and operated by Bonnie Smith & Sara Husted, who have over twenty five years experience in administrative and marketing support to C level executives and have supported small businesses in start up through all growth stages since 2005.

What is a VA?


V Virtual Assistant or (VA) is a professional who works from their home office (generally) for another business under a W9. Also known as Independent Contractors or Consultant, Virtual Assistants come with many niches. Some have an Administrative background, or are Website or Graphic Designers. There really is no one answer as to what a VA can specialize in.

A Virtual Assistants can take on smaller tasks so that businesses can focus on the larger and sometimes more important tasks at hand. Generally this tends to be clerical work, responding to emails, scheduling, posting blogs, social media etc.

 The big upsides to using a VA as a small business are: 
There is no paid down time. VA’s invoice only for the exact time spent working on your projects and supporting your business.
There is no need to supply a VA with a computer or other office equipment because a professional VA operates a fully functional home office.
As an independent contractors, VA’s are responsible their own taxes and benefits.
There is no additional cost to you beyond the actual rate at which you contract.
You can reduce overhead and increase productivity because a VA works for you only if and when you require it.
And, there is no training, for most tasks/projects, because a VA is skilled at providing virtual services, so you have more time for your own clients.
Why Choose Us?
We can offer you immediate service and can operate in multiple time zones.
We have years of service with C level executives
We provide the level of work that we would bring to the table to high level executives to all businesses small or large.
We want your small business to thrive and specialize in helping small businesses start and keep their costs low while growing
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